To strengthen our security of "full disk encrypted" notebooks, we want to disable sleep-mode (standby). Standby/sleep-mode is a well known security risk for encrypted device.

Wikipedia says: "...encryption keys will remain vulnerable in the computer's memory, allowing the computer to read encrypted data after waking up or after reading back the memory contents. Configuring an operating system to shut down or hibernate when unused, instead of using sleep mode, can help mitigate this risk."

So i tried to disable standby (sleep) mode for notebooks with a zcm power management policy.

- in native windows energy options, the option for sleep-mode allows to enter a value (minutes to go to sleep)
or deactivate sleep-mode completley - ("niemals" standby)

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- in zcm power policy, i just can enter a value (minutes to standby)
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How can i deactivate the sleep-mode with a zcm power management policy completely? Is there anoter option to get this done? When i choose "0" in zcm-policy - the client will take the windows-standard-values for standby (15 min / 30 min).