On SLES11SP3, Mobility 2.1 Build 230, Groupwise 14.02, ~500 User and Devices on Mobility, VMware guest.
Yesterday I restarted the gms with rcgms restart, after this the Postgres Database ist growing and growing and after some hours /var reaches 90% (Database 25GB) (made this twice since yesterday), then gms wil shut down. Nightly Maintenance runs successful. Before restarting the database had about 15GB
I tried vaccum and reindex with dsapp, after some hours the database shrinks to ~6GB.
Then after starting the gms the Database grows to 25GB again, no User can sync.
Now we have added a 100GB disk only for the database, still waiting if something will get synced to a device.
Is it normal, in Dashboard under a User-Devices/Folder items we have sometimes 50000-100000 items, after reinitialze the User has about 1000 items, it seems
that something does not get cleaned out of the Database?