I need to decommission an OES 11.2 server, and one of its current duties is DHCP. I want to consolidate the DHCP onto an existing OES 11.2 DHCP server, but I cannot find any specific documentation on how to do this.

The closest documentation I can find is in the OES 11 SP2 Migration Tool Administration Guide. However, in the place where it talks about migrating servers in the same tree, it includes a Transfer ID as part of the process. I am not going to do a Transfer ID, as I am consolidating services onto an existing server, not migrating the identity of an old server to new hardware.

So, can anybody tell me the steps I need to follow? Do I simply leave off the Transfer ID part? Below, I will paste in the steps from the documentation mentioned above:

Migrating Servers within the Same eDirectory Tree
1. Launch Java Console.
2. Select the service container object that you want to migrate to the target DHCP server.
3. From the Default DHCP Server list in the General Tab, select the DHCP server object of the target machine.
4. Click Save.
5. Migrate the DHCP leases from OES 2 SPx to OES 11. To migrate the DHCP leases, copy the/var/lib/dhcp/db/dhcpd.leases file from the source OES 2 server to the corresponding location in the OES 11 server.
6. Perform Transfer ID. For more information, see Section IV, Transfer ID Migration.
7. After this migration, proceed with performing the service-specific proxy migration. For more information, see Migrating Proxy Users to OES 11 SP2.