So, in preparation for going from 1.1 to 1.2 of Filr, I have followed the documentation:

1) I've downloaded the latest Desktop Client .tar.gz (the June 5, 2015 date)

2) I've SSH'd into my Filr 1.1 appliances and followed the docs to rename the directory to .bak and then copied over the .tar.gz and extracted it to the same spot (so now there's a .bak and the regular directory.) The "regular" directory is now the new one.

3) I ran the chown and chmod commands

The desktop options are set to Deploy (local server).

I even restarted the appliances.
I exited the 1.1 client and re-started it. I *know* it's talking to the server, because it now sees my change to "no longer cache" passwords, but I'm not being prompted or anything to download/install the client.

The docs don't really say much after you're supposed to set the chown and chmod, so I have no idea how it's actually supposed to work.