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Thread: Parameters errors after saving to JasperReports Server

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    Parameters errors after saving to JasperReports Server

    100% Wintel environment.
    I have created a report in JasperStudio with parameters used in the filter the report. It works well when I preview the report in JasperSoft. When I export the report to JasperReports Server it appears to save with no errors. When I try to view the report I receive errors related to the parameters.
    Is it possible to create a report with parameters that will be compatible with JasperReport Server?

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    Re: Parameters errors after saving to JasperReports Server

    I have defined one parameter (a simple text string) for the report. I have created a single text parameter in the ZENworks Reporting to match my report parameter. When I run the report the Input Controls dialog appears, but it is blank; only the form controls Apply, OK, Reset, Cancel, and Save are visible. There is nowhere to enter my parameter text. If I click Apply, the Please Wait dialog appears forever, until I cancel it.
    If I do not define a parameter for my report in the ZENworks Reporting interface, when I run the report I get a big error which relates to the fact that the parameter is missing.
    In JasperStudio the parameter is defined as MachineType. I created a parameter in ZENworks Reports with the same name.
    Can anyone shed some light on why the parameter controls are not showing up in the Input Controls dialog.

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