If you have multiple Remote Loaders on one Windows box, running more
than one Active Directory shim, then if you want to recieve passwords on
the Publisher channel (from the pwfilter on each DC) it seems like there
is a possible issue.

My model has 2 DC's with PWfilter. 1 RL on a member server with 5 RL's
running (Long story).

It seems that the RL that is expecting to get passwords out of AD needs
to start first, before the other instances start. It also seems it
needs to connect first before the other RL's load up.

If it is not the first RL started (no reboot needed, stop them all,
start in proper order (Pwd sync pub channel one first), then it works.

If it fails, the Pwd is written properly to the
HKLM\Software\Novell\PWfilter keys. The shim gets notified a password
change has happened, with the right user name, but it looks in the RL
servers HKLM\Software\Novell\PassSync and is not finding the password
for the user copied over.

For some reason it looks like the RPC communication works outbound, but
not back to the RL. But if you get the start order right, it is ok
connecting and then continues to work.