I know that a documentation is supposed to be out soon documenting steps
for clustering tomcat, when used as the application server for UserApp.

Has anybody tried it on their own with any success?

I am also concerned with the need for clustering. It is my understanding
that the UA driver should only be configured to talk to one UA server,
not both. So if the primary UA server goes down, how will that effect
the userapp driver talking to it? If we use a load balancer on the
driver config, even if it is sticky bit, I hear there can be problems.
It is recommended that an IP address is used or only a specific node be
configured for the driver to talk to.

If so, what is the point in having clustering if we are going to have to
manually configure the driver to point to the other tomcat / Userapp
server, migrate workflows, etc....

I am assuming that it would be just as efficient to virtualize it and
have a cloned server stopped as a fail safe, but use vmotion to move the
box if there is a problem as manual intervention is going to be a factor
any way.... And then also to snapshot it periodically...

Any thoughts?


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