I should know the answer to these issues because I have been doing this for almost 20 years but for some reason I am drawing a blank.
I have 12 servers running either Netware 6.0 or 6.5. My 6.0 servers are over 10 years old and being in education, there is no money to replace them. So my answer is to virtualize them. Sounds simple enough.
So I have built a virtual 6.0 server using a license from a school that we had that was destroyed by a tornado. After a couple or misfires its up and running. My first problem is that all my 6.0 servers are of course sp5. My virtual machine is a raw install so no service packs installed yet.
When trying to install sp5e I have tried nwconfig and Console One. During NWCONFIG, the process starts and says initializing the installation then opens Console One and goes to the Components to Install page which I know is not what should happen. I should get a log in screen and verify backup and so on but its not happening.
I have tried exploding the service pack again after all it is 11 years old and still no love.
I can not move forward with the virtualizing until I get all the servers on the same level then I can move on the other problem but lets do one at a time.
What am I missing or is there a way to force install the service pack?
Any help would be greatly appreciated and Thank you in advance.