Hi ,

Sorry to post here technical issues .
I tried downloading IDM 4.5 iso file for windows that is around 4 GB
..after around 1 GB of download the download got interrupted and it
automatically restarted on its own. Same thing happened with IDM 4.0.2
iso file . I downloaded firefox after reading on web that it always
resumes the download , but in firefox too it restarted after
downloading around 1GB . Is the link broken some where ? or do i need
to download from some other link ?

I m using
https://dl.netiq.com/protected/Summa...d=LbI74xnUrhk~ URL and
following the instructions given in set up guide.
Do i need to download the trial version ?

Initially i was suspected that problem could be internet connectivity ,
but it occurred thrice and that too after downloading of 1 GB data .
this time i am sure its not the internet connection problem .

Please let me know if i do have to download the trial version of IDM
from given URL


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