looking for a bit of advice...

I have a OES11Sp2 Server hardware issue - 5 year old hardware.
Today trying fix it has caused new problems - Server will run about 15-20 minutes

2 weeks ago I added a New Server into the Tree
we use DBcopy on the original Server to Backup GW
I have setup a rsync job to copy this to the additional server
along with user files

User files - I can easily direct to the new server
Server name & IP are different - so I guess I just need to change Path / IP in GW setup

Before messing with hardware - We did a full GW dbcopy & stoped GW starting. Plus copied all other user files

I want to decommission the old server
(1) so what do I need to do to make the new server eDir Master ?
(I can run the old box for about 20mins)

(2) GW - I have moved GW to a new Server before but settings were changed BEFORE final copy

Any pointers /wizdom appreciated !

I only have about a day to fix this