Hi ,

I performed an integrated installation and while installing IDV it came
up with error

"Fatal Error : tree has not been initialised yet "

When i checked in ...path to Novell/data/ni.log the below exception was

.. Driver - Fatal: Could not intialize the shipping profile in
2. Driver - Fatal: Tree not initialized yet...
3. Driver - Fatal: com.novell.application.install.ProfileException:
Tree not initialized yet...
com.novell.application.install.Profile.getTopOfTre e(Profile.java:728)
com.novell.application.install.Profile.mergeProfil es(Profile.java:1741)
com.novell.application.install.Driver.initShipping Profile(Driver.java:1817)
com.novell.application.install.Profile.Driver.work (Driver.java:1049)
com.novell.application.install.Driver.run(Driver.j ava:897)


I didn't install Java on my system before installation IDM . i didn't
see that in the pre requisite check list .
Also , i didn't cancel the installation process , thinking it may break
other applications.

Do i need to install Java before installing IDM ?

Now , if i install java can i re-run integrated installer once again ?

Please help .

Thanks in advance.


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