I've got a quick question that I'm hoping someone can point me in the
right direction.

We're using the JDBC driver to do account syncs between our Banner
(Oracle) environment and the rest of our campus systems.

If I try to rename an account by changing the CN in Oracle, the JDBC
driver simply appends an "alternate name" to the account; the existing
username stays in effect. I've checked all of the rules, filters, etc
that I could find in the IDM driver config, but can't figure out where
in the world this is set up.

I was wondering where I should look to change this functionality? Even
setting the "merge authority" to "Application" didn't make a difference

I've set up a level 3 trace on the rename, which you can find here:
http://admin.millikin.edu/~cmyers/fake (note that it's a 48MB file

Thanks! And, have a splendid week!


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