Workstation information:
Windows 7 x64
Java version 6 update 33

When site opens Securelogin recognize Web Application ok.

Site loads Java application inside IE frame (java.exe and
jp2launcher.exe starts) . No editboxes or buttons are recognized inside
frame when using Wizard to teach application.

Converted to Application Definition script.

Username and password are asked by Securelogin and saved to user ok.

I can delay Securelogin scripting with "Delay" and debug with
"MessageBox" commands but when login view is loaded and script is trying
to put username/password nothing goes to login screen.

Focus is (blinking cursor) in username box.

Typing manually with keyboard works ok.

Basic script where username and password are outputted (works in all the
other applications until now):

Type -raw $username
Type -raw "\t"
Type -raw $password
Type -raw "\t\n"

I have tried to find a way to "refresh" keyboard output focus to IE
frame etc. but no luck.

How can i force output focus inside IE main frame?

Can i relaunch the same web application script from begining so that IE
plugin somehow reinitializes keyboard focus and text outputted to IE is
going to Java-based login sceen?

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