url http://server:8080/sspr/public/Logout?idle=true

i am redirect but i don't want to use SSL

How can i disable the HTTPS redirection. I can't use the configuration
manager because of the https

SSPR 5044

Non-secure (HTTP) connections are not permitted to this system. Please
try again using a secure (HTTPS) connection. { 5044

logs tomcat

2015-06-23T16:45:18Z, ERROR, health.LDAPStatusChecker, error contacting
server during replica vendor sameness check: unable to create
connection: unable to connect to any configured ldap url, last error:
unable to bind to ldaps://ldap.example.com:636 as cn=admin,o=example
reason: CommunicationException (ldap.example.com:636; ldap.example.com)

best regards

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