When we made the push to Windows 7 x64 we settled on the Novell Client 2 SP3 IR3. This was deployed on the majority of the desktops as it was stable at the time and fixed many issues for us. Since then we are now looking at rolling out the new IR10 Client. The problem is If I install a newer version of the novell client VIA - Manual, Auto, Bundle, Patch Policy, etc...does not matter how...It breaks. It puts me in an infinite login loop. For instance.

Manual Install the Novell Client / Upgrade
Login Screen
Novell Login Succeeded
Back to login screen
Novell Login Succeeded
back to login screen

In order to fix this at this point I have to login "Computer Only" uninstall the novell client Reboot and reinstall the novell client. Once this is done all is well.
** If I Manually uninstall the novell client and reboot prior to upgrading it works fine.

It exists with previous versions as well IR5, IR8, IR10, etc....I have attempted numerous newer versions.

Any thoughts?