Hi there,

We are using GroupWise API since about 10 years to send automatically email from our inhouse app built using Delphi.
All was working great before GroupWise 2014 (version 14.0.1 build 118418)... but from now CC are no more considered...

Is there any option to set before calling TextSetCC to tell GroupWise Commander to consider CC?
Formerly, there was no option, but from now on (v14.0.1 build 118418) it seems GW needs a flag to be raised...

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Here is some code to illustrate my problem

var _vGWCmd: Variant;
var sDest, sRet: String;

_vGWCmd := CreateOleObject('GroupWiseCommander');
sDest := 'cc1@abc.com;cc2@abc.com';
//...Which option to set to consider CC ???
_vGWCmd.Execute('TextSetCC("' + sDest + '"; True)', sRet);