I've run into a few issues with the Filr desktop client where it simply isn't synchronizing data for one reason or another. Most of the time, the end user notices this, calls the Helpdesk and they are able to resolve the issue. However, occasionally the end user doesn't notice the issue until it is too late and when they go to retrieve the files from the home directory, they learn they aren't there because of the sync issue. Often these are files that have been inadvertently deleted from the local Filr directory.

Is there some kind of automated way to proactively check that the Filr client is syncing properly? I realize that you can go into the Filr desktop client console and view any issues in there, but my users aren't going to do that. Back in the iFolder days you could gather data based on when a users last sync was. We could then use this data to send emails to users who hadn't synchronized in X number of days. There are client activity reports in Filr, but these are manually generated reports.

Any ideas would be welcome.