We are running a Simulation Software which is creating temporary files (we can't change the location of these files), Filr is pickup up these files for syncing (listed under Pending Changes, in the German client called "Ausstehende Änderungen"),
but the temporary file will be deleted before it was synchronised, so these files are still listed in the pending list with a red error. (and are never removed and Filr tries to osync these files every time it start a sync, our users have hundreds of such files)
Filr should remove these files from the pending list if they were deleted.

Another problem we have is that sometimes Filr want to upload a changed file as v1.1, but Version 1.0 doesn't exist on the Server anymore.
These files are also listet in the pendilg list and a User can't correct this condition with filr. Only moving the file to another location and then back.