I have noticed that when starting a workflow, there is mentioning of a
"Secondary User" in the ua log.

12:15:05,667 INFO [STDOUT] INFO [RBPM
[com.novell.soa.af.impl.LogEvent:logAFEvent] [Workflow_Started] Initiated
by cn=myuser,ou=users,o=dk, Process ID: 931637f269854
5e183fac0290654fdca, Process Name:
cn=TDUSERCREATE62,cn=RequestDefs,cn=AppConfig,cn=U AMETA,cn=Driver
Set,ou=idm,ou=services,o=dk:9, Activity: start, Recipient:
cn=myuser,ou=users,o=dk, Secondary User: null

What is this secondary user, what is the purpose of it, and can I do
something interresting with it?