I'm trying to understand this:

Identity Manager 4.0.2, two trees IDM_TREE and TEST_TREE connected by eDir
drivers, SSL configured as "IDM_TREE is trusted by TEST_TREE" - and it did
work fine.

Then I made a mistake and had to recreate the CA in TEST_TREE - now I can't
get SSL working again.

This is what I did:

* deleted and created CA in TEST_TREE with iManager
* Repair default certificates
* configured drivers without SSL in Designer, deployed -> works
* deleted eDir2eDir-server certificates (KMO) in both trees
* Create eDir-to-eDir Certificates in Designer
* -> Error creating certificates Error: -1227
* this leaves an CSR-object in IDM_TREE; in TEST_TREE there is correctly a
signed KMO

Does IDM_TREE possibly still have an certificate of the old CA of TEST_TREE