I'm looking for some information regarding feedback to internal and external users for messages being delivered to non-existent email accounts both internally and externally.

I had a user last week typo an email using .ocm rather than .com at the tail end of the user's address, and they didn't know until the GWIA undeliverable timer several days later sent them their message did they know that the message was never delivered. Of course they are blaming IT for not compensating for their typo, but when you can compare the same mistake to Gmail which bounces back the notification in a matter of seconds/minutes we need to find a way to speed up the response to this type of error.

My other part of the question is how to speed up the same sort of message when the message comes in to our GroupWise system. I sent a message to invalidname@mydomain.com to which I have not yet received a "mailbox/user does not exist" type of message, and it has been several hours. I can see the message get retried in my GWIA logs, but would like to cut off the back and forth retries if I can help it. We have a GWAVA appliance between our GWIA and the Internet in case something needs to be configured there.

Thanks for any insight you can provide on these questions.