I've set up XDAS logging (as in the "eDirectory Auditing" tab) on eDir
8.8SP8. I'd like to correlate the events with (potential) iManager
I've set up the log4j file appender and the syslog appender.

I thought that the "configure iManager" -> security tab would get me
I've enabled the Audit: Enable XDAS Audit checkbox and checked
Successful Login
Failed Login

But iManager events are not showing up in either of the two appenders.

Are these logs part of the rest of the XDAS code, or are they possible
logged to a different place?

A related question (and one that I can't inspect myself until I work out
how this logging works) what is the scope of this setting?
Logging into another iManager instance it looks like this setting is
visible elsewhere. Is this correct?


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