OK. I'm struggling a bit we are setting up Vibe 4.0
It's all up and running, and we had external access but disabled this now (long story) anyway we now have a nice landing page that our users get to with guest access allowed. So no-one has to put their password in before they access the server, they just get presented with the pretty landing page. BUT the big problem is that the search button disappeared!! As soon as they login again the search button re-appears but whilst they are logged out as guest they cannot search. Now I understand there are all sorts of security issues with what they can or cannot see, but we want to be able to search when logged out, so the staff don't have to go through the hassle of singing in first and we want them to be able to search for staff, so want to find someones name / phone number... Easy just open up vibe and type part of their name in the search box... Except there is no search box until they login.

I know it seems petty and my answer to the boss is login! Job done, but no, for reasons far above my pay grade we need to be able to search before logging in. Any ideas out there how I can add the search back in prior to login?

Thanks in advance for any possible solutions that take a weight of my mind