Can anyone confirm this behaviour in UA 4.02 Patch E.

We are trying to get at list of pending (future) Role Assignments with
the SOAP method getRoleAssignmentRequestStatusByIdentityType.
This works as long as this list does not contains any
retracted/terminated role requests.

To reproduce :

Assign two roles with effective start in the future.
Call getRoleAssignmentRequestStatusByIdentityType with SOAPui to get the
list of pending role assignments.
Retract one of the roles with the UA Gui. This will terminate the
Call getRoleAssignmentRequestStatusByIdentityType with SOAPui again.
This time we get this :


Tried with a couple of different users, and every time I terminate a
request it seems to break the soap method.
The UA gui works fine and shows the terminated role request fine when I
manage that user.


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