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    Re: Welcome - Pull up a chair and let's talk

    Quote Originally Posted by kgroneman View Post
    * During voting, some expressed a desire to keep it open to the public. Do you want it to be?
    I see that this forum was started about fifteen months ago and I just stumbled across it. I assume it is currently a closed forum which begs the question "Who currently has access?"

    Small Business often has many of the same needs as a larger organisation but may not have a dedicated IT support person or, if they do, that person may not have all the necessary skills and experience to address every situation that may arise. This is where it can be very helpful to interact with a community of peers. As knowledgeable as the Knowledge Partners may be in their respective areas of expertise, they too cannot be expected to provide all the answers.

    In my opinion, if this forum is to serve its intended need, it must be an open forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by kgroneman View Post
    * How do you want this community managed? Should it have forum moderators?
    The approach used with the Product Support forums seems to work well. I'd like to see it adopted here. If a moderator is required at some point, the issue can be revisited.

    Quote Originally Posted by kgroneman View Post
    * Should there be rules for participation such as forbidden topics?
    There should be some guidelines to set the proper context. The Product Support forums already have that. It is defined by the name of the forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by kgroneman View Post
    * What else? What's your vision for this endeavor?
    Many vendors offer solutions targeting Small Business. These solutions are often the same products available to larger enterprises but a reduced price. What is different for small businesses is that they may lack the technical resources to assess the best product or products to fulfill a particular business need.

    As a Small Business forum, discussions should be open to a wide range of business solutions.
    As a Micro Focus forum, it offers a unique opportunity to highlight and promote solutions deploying specific Micro Focus products.
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