Hi all,

I am being fighting with the password synchronization utility and I
run out of ideas. Maybe someone of you has passed through a similar
situation and could help me.

I have an IDM installation 4.0.2 with AD Driver version is on
windows 2012.

Password filter has been installed allowing access to remote registry
as it is explained


I am can see the status running on the DC.

According to the documentation the flow from DC to eDirectory follows
these steps

1.- Password is changed in Microsoft Active Directory by some means.
2- Password change is picked up at a domain controller and DirXML
PWFILTER.DLL is notified.
3.- DirXML PWFILTER.DLL places the password change in a new registry
key under HKLM/SOFTWARE/Novell/PwFilter/Data/<username> for that user
example: Password change for BOB1 would be in
4 -The DirXML PWFILTER.DLL then sends the password change to the
machine running the remote loader (or driver) (Determined by
HKLM/SOFTWARE/Novell/PwFilter/Host Names and the password change is
placed under the KLM/SOFTWARE/Novell/PassSync/Data/<username>/ registry
key on the remote

Everything seems to be ok until the step 4. No matter what the user
keep waiting in the DC registry forever.

Anyone has found a similar situation?



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