We upgraded to GroupWise 2014 over the weekend.

The mailbox accounts appear to be correctly associated via Ldap (eDirectory).

The iManager GroupWise Pluggin has been installed and configured.

When I select the GroupWise Tab on a user's properties in iManager I get see the following message:

The GroupWise query was not able to match a user in GroupWise using GUID value of this user and treating this as un-associated user. Please select the Post Office that you want to associate this User with.

If I select the available Post Office, then I receive the follow error:

Adding a user to post office failed with status code: 409 and with status message: javax.naming.NameAlreadyBoundException: The context already exists. srtdom.srtpo.jdoe.; remaining name 'srtdom.srtpo.jdoe'. Please resolve the issue before trying again.

Does this have something to do with the upgrade and the fact that these were existing users?

If I create a New User from iManager and choose the Post Office to associated the New User with, the user is created in eDirectory, the Post Office and successfully appears in iManager as an associated user.

Dave K.