This may be something else, but it's strange beyond reason. I created a
health job earlier today with Designer 4.5 SP0 AU2 (the one I was given on
a SLES 11 SP3 x86_64 VM) and pushed it out to the vault. The job would
not schedule properly, and then would not start, and it all seemed to stem
from a problem finding a class. iManager, when trying to start the silly
thing, gave me this error:

The following error occurred trying to run the job,
driver-health0.dvs0.idm.service.system: Code(-9196) Configuration error in
the DirXML-Job object '\TTPTREE0\system\service\idm\dvs0\driver-health0':
The class is perfect, and I can find it in an appropriately-named JAR in
/opt/novell/eDirectory/lib/dirxml/classes so it's not a problem with the
engine being able to load it.

Later, for troubleshooting, I tried creating an identical-ish job with
Designer 4.5 SP1 on the same system (previous version updated after I
manually fixed the URL to point to instead of and then pushed out the job. It worked perfectly, while
the old one still did not. Exporting both configurations and comparing
them there is a big XML-based base64-encoded blob of data. Comparing
those I found this line near the top to have whitespaces within:

The original version had newlines before/after the actual string value,
and spaces (0x20 ASCII) before the value. My guess is that iManager (and
company) were trying to find a class that had those bits of whitespace
within, since those were within the XML tag, and of course they failed as
that class (with whitespace in its package context) was invalid. Fixing
the XML, re-base64-encoding, placing in my health job export, importing
into Designer, and then deploying fixed the issue all around.

I cannot find any known bugs on this, but maybe it was caught internally
and never made available publicly. Either way, it has wasted a couple
hours of my life trying to find impossibly-missing classes, so hopefully
this will help others in the future when Google finds this thread.

Summary: patch to Designer 4.5 SP1 and then recreate the job, or
base64-decode the XmlData portion, fix the java-class tag within,
re-encode and import back into the tree.

Good luck.

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