We sometimes set up affiliate user accounts where the mail attribute is
set to the users (remote) business address.
I'd like to set up a Google Apps Driver filter on email addresses
outside of our Google Domain but I've run into problems.

The trigger issue, Google uses email address as a primary identifier. If
an event comes up with an outside domain, the driver has issues. I've
not run into this recently (I've put in a filter based on an affiliate
OU) but in earlier iterations the driver would just stop.

It makes some sense to always veto any event with a non relevant Google
Apps domain, and seems a reasonable precaution.

I've tried to craft a simple regex rule:

<rule disabled="true">
<if-src-attr mode="regex" name="Internet EMail Address"

I've tried several permutations, simplyifying the regex to just
augsburg.edu, using a variety of attributes. Behavior is always the same
(it always veto's)

I'll throw out several questions (hopefully one sticks):

1) How can I inspect attribute values?
1-a) I'm currently using the Designer Simulator, which shows the rule
processing steps (i.e. veto) but does not show the value it's testing
against. Is there a way to to bump up the trace level (or whatever the
appropriate term is) so that I can at least see what I'm regexing to
1-b) Is there some sort of printf() like debugging I can do?

2) Are there oddities with IDM regex's that I need to be aware of?

3) Is Internet Email Address the correct attribute?


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