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Thread: First Question to the group: Is this platform suitable?

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    Question First Question to the group: Is this platform suitable?

    The first question I have for the group is: Is this a suitable platform for your community?

    My thinking (and I'm told that sometimes my thinking is a little off base) is that this could be a good platform for the healthcare community because of the following:

    • It would run in parallel to our product forums so can easily be accessible in one place and used in conjunction with the product specific forums.
    • It can be made private by a number of methods, including password, access group, etc. if so desired
    • You can subscribe to the entire forum and/or to individual discussion threads and get notified in a few different ways. That way you don't have to constantly monitor the forum directly
    • You can create articles to go along with the forum with the same access restrictions
    • All forum activity is stored inline and is searchable.

    Other alternatives would be listserver, Google Group, LinkedIn Group, Facebook Group, etc. Personally I'm not all that familiar with these alternatives, but would be happy to look into it if desired.

    What are your thoughts?
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