We have two DSfW servers on OES 11.2 (SLES 11 SP3) in previously existing eDir tree.
They are fully patched as of 27.6.2015 (three days ago). Today we found an issue related to DSfW.

If we create new OU inside the tree (regardless whether using iManager or Microsoft's AD management tools or using direct LDAP calls on 636 or 1636 port) we can see newly created OU in eDirectory (iManager or LDAP on port 1636) but we can not see them in DSfW/AD (MS tools or LDAP on port 636).

If we try to create OU that is not seen on port 636 (DSfW) we get message that it already exists (but is still not seen in any management interface on port 636.
I think it is clearly a bug in DSfW.

Does anybody have same problems ?