Hi Guys,

I am doing export / import from eDirectory to and from LDIF files .
I used both ice utilty and iManager to do this . Export worked fine
But in Import the command status after running ice is

Record: 1, ldap_add_ext failed: 50(Insufficient access), dn:

Also same coming in iManager . I searched in existing forums and came
to know that I need to unset
the option " Required TLS connection " in the LDAP server port 389 .
But I couldn't reach to that place where I can modify LDAP server in

The path I used is iManager -> Directory Mgmt -> Modify Object .
and didn't see the server object . I am using iManager 2.7.7 , attached
is the screen shot.

Please assist .

Thanks in advance .

|Filename: iManager_object01.png |
|Download: https://forums.netiq.com/attachment....tachmentid=300 |

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