We have been testing the Join proxy and I am not able to remove it in the workstation settings. I have removed the join proxy server setting from all the server lists under the locations and made sure there were no overrides in the Network Environments but for some reason our workstations keep adding the join proxy to the list of servers. This is true for the default "unknown" location as well. I can see the Configuration Location change when I disconnect the NIC from the network or change VLANs on any workstation (windows 7), so it seems to be functioning but can not remove the join proxy settings.

I took a look at the documentation here. and a the bottom where talks about the join proxy, I ran the commands suggested just to see if that would clear up the issue but no go.

The only thing that I have not done is delete the locations and recreate them, but this is not possible with the unknown location. Is there maybe something I'm missing or I can try to reset the locations?
We have one Primary ZCM server (11.3.2 FTF1) and no satellites.