Hey everyone,

after a real smooth update from Version 3.4 to 4 HP1 we are now experiencing difficulties and I cant track down the cause. First of all the problem seems to be a bit random, is only affecting older entrys that existed before the update and it only happens if the entry/wiki is edited. The Problem can be tracked if the entry contains links to other Vibe objects and is viewed in html mode. On the first edit, everything Looks fine but after saving the entry and klicking the link I only get a 404 error page. If I now edit the post again and take a look at it in html the entrys for the link/links are completely different.

It Looks like this before applying changes:

<li><a class="ss_icecore_link" href="#" rel="binderId=99 title=BK_-_EntryName">BK - EntryName</a></li>
and like this after applying changes:

<li><a class="&quot;ss_icecore_link&quot;" title="BK_-_EntryName&quot;" href="http://vibe.mydomain.com/ssf/s/readFile/folderEntry/865/-/1435823303325/last/&quot;#&quot;" rel="&quot;binderId=99">BK - EntryName</a></li>
well and for each time the entry gets edited, the link grows bigger and bigger in the entry:

<li><a href="http://vibe.mydomain.com/ssf/s/readFile/folderEntry/865/-/1435823303325/last/&quot;http:/vibe.mydomain.com/ssf/s/readFile/folderEntry/865/-/1435822641777/last/&quot;https:/vibe.mydomain.com/ssf/s/readFile/folderEntry/865/-/1435820445054/last/&quot;https:/vibe.mydomain.com/ssf/s/readFile/folderEntry/865/-/1435820384492/last/&quot;http:/vibe.mydomain.com/ssf/a/c/p_name/ss_forum/p_action/1/entityType/folderEntry/action/view_permalink/entryId/39560/novl_url/1&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;">BK - EntryName</a></li>
Now the question is, did anybody else Encounter this Kind of Problem and if yes, maybe found a easy solution for it? Would be great if he can share it with me