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Thread: Forwarded emails as attachments

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    Forwarded emails as attachments

    Hi all,

    we have problems with forwarded emails. When users send them as attachment, the external recipient receives them as "message-rfc822-attachment", which can't be opened by their mail client. Forwarding as attachment worked fine with Groupwise 8.
    As a workaround i stored the email as an eml-file and attached this to a new mail. This should be readable by most mail systems, but a better solution or an advicewould be nice.

    Thank You

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    Re: Forwarded emails as attachments

    Hi Joachim

    Welcome to the forums and thank you for your question.

    Forwarding an e-mail as an attachment works fine in a GroupWise 2014 system - there has been no report of your issue that I am aware of. This points to something wrong with your specific system.

    So, a few questions... Is it only one user affected? Is it only one external recipient affected? Is it only one specific e-mail that is affected, or any e-mail forwarded?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Laura Buckley

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