Hello NG

I want to rewrite the OWA Logout button. Unfortunatelly when I cklick on
Logout, the FormFill does automatically relogin into the webpage.

Now i tried to create a character html rewriter but it doesn't work.

the original line is.
<span aria-label="Abmelden" autoid="_o365c_4">Abmelden</span>

the modified line should be

So I created a charachter rewriter to search the string
<span aria-label="Abmelden" autoid="_o365c_4">Abmelden</span>

it should be replaced with

This rewriter was placed on top of the rewriter list and was enabled.

Because the Logout wasn't written to go to the logout page, when I
logout from OWA the FF will recognize the webmail url and relogin again

What could be the problem here?

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