users report problems which unfortunately are difficult to describe - we did
not find a way to reproduce them, but nevertheles they happen.

It has to do with "Accounts" in GW Client. Users have their GW Account and
additionally an POP3/SMTP-Account. If they write mails (text, non-HTML) and
switch "FROM" between these accounts, the text gets somehow re-formatet, and
sometimes part of the text is missing. Sometimes nothing is missing in the
editor, but in the sent mail - users only now this from replies.

Also a strange behavior is this: Reply to a (non-HTML) mail, reply format is
"Internet standard"; user inserts some text between the lines of the
original mail, then switches "FROM": mail gets reformatet, all added lines
are now above the original text.

Any ideas what goes wrong here? Probably I should open a SR, but I'd like to
be able to describe the problem more accurately...