Hi all.

I know this has been discussed earlier, but I have been trying to find
an answer to my question without success for a while now searching the

I am trying to figure out how many drivers can be runned at the same
server. Lets say a server has 20 GB RAM. Its running 10 drivers and JVM
is set to initial 256MB and max 512 MB. eDirectory database cache is set
to hard limit at 512 MB.

eDirectory is 64-bit so there is no 2 GB limit on memory usage. OS is
SLES 11 SP3. IDM is version 4.5.1.

Does all drivers running as engine drivers (not Remote Loaders) shares
the same JVM inside ndsd deamon and shares 256-512 MB RAM from JVM Heap
Size settings? Or does each driver get its own JVM (inside ndsd deamon)?

What happens if I run a driver as a Remote Loader on the same phsycial
server? Does this mean that the driver shim has its own JVM (outside
ndsd deamon), but any large node sets produced by rules and policies
will consume the engine (ndsd deamon) JVM memory?

I have an environment with two identical servers (20 GB RAM) and the
settings for eDirectory/JVM as previously stated. On one server I am
running 11 drivers and on the other I am running only 2 drivers. On the
server running 11 drivers (5 running as remote loaders) ndsd has a
memory consumption of 1.3 GB RES (2280m VIRT). On the server running 2
drivers (0 running as remote loaders) ndsd has a memory consumption of
1.5 GB RES (2393m VIRT). What I'm trying to understand is how many new
drivers can be added to the environment before I need to add a new
server to the driver set (all drivers should be able to run if one
server is unavaliable).

Thank you for reading my post!

Best Regards

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