Hello everyone,

I've updatet my Sentinel 7.2 Installation to Sentinel

In the Sentinel Release Notes i found a notice about "Post
Upgrade Configuration for Sentinel Versions Prior to 7.3".

<quote>-If you are upgrading to Sentinel from a version prior to
Sentinel 7.3, perform the following:

After the upgrade, the *Data Proxy User role* will not have the Allow
users to manage alerts permission. This permission is necessary for the
role to be able to perform remote alert search. Assign the Allow users
to manage alerts permission to the Data Proxy User role Manually. For
more information, see "Configuring Roles and Users" in the NetIQ
Sentinel Administration Guide.-</quote>

My problem: In my updatet Sentinel Installation I found no *Data
Proxy User role*; I've only a *Search Proxy User role*.

Eqals the Search Proxy User role to the Data Proxy User role?

Thank's for yours answers in advance!

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