I am using a non-root install of IDM and eDirectory on a single server
box for a dev environment. The install path was to a mount point /idv.

I am wanting to install tomcat and postgresql using root with a silent
install, but pointing to the custom path that IDM and eDirectory are
using in the properties file. The path being /idv/idm/apps. The owner of
the path is netiq and the group is netiq.

Once I have the root user install tomcat and postgres with the silent
install, the root user then assigns the netiq user to the novlua,
daemon, and postgres groups. We then restart the box....

This appears to work so far as the netiq user that I have access to can
now stop and restart the tomcat services and I see the ports 5432, and
tomcat related ports listening. The browser can hit port 8280.


Can the same methodology be used for installing UA silently, as well as
SSPR and OSP? Any gotchas with the silent install that I should be
worried about?

Any concerns with patching 4.5 UA? Would there be portions where a root
user would be needed for the patch process?

Any considerations of moving to a software appliance for UA running on
tomcat and clustering two boxes? Example may be how the Novell Filr
appliance works in configuring clustering, etc.

Any public / partnernet roadmaps on the next version of IDM? Will there
be gems like in 4.02?


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