I have a problem retreiving the subfolders of the sysmfolder Mailbox.

I us the folling procedure.
- Login into mailbox (trusted app)
- Do a "getfolderrequest" with folder type "root" (view=nodisplay)
this gives the id of the root (home) folder.
- Then I use the id for a new getfolderrequest
parent is the id I got above
recurse is false
This give all the folders directly below the "root-folder"

So far so good.

One of the folders returned is the system folder
with folder type Mailbox (and name mailbox) and id 7......

When I do a new getFolderRequest where I set the parent to the mailbox-id
and recurse = false (view is not set).
Now I get the root folder in the response and not the subfolders I expected.

If I use this procedure on any other folder I get the subfolders of the parent folder.

What do I wrong?