Hi all,

We have GroupWise version 14.0.1-118418 on SuSE 11 SP3, (fully patched) and the GroupWise client version is 14.0.1-117118.

My GroupWise user sends a Calendar event to an external user for a reoccurring event (a meeting that takes place weekly) for the next 27 weeks.
The external user is getting 27 separate emails from my GroupWise user.
(My GW user also stated that another GW user has the same issue).

I have contacted the external user to find out what they are using for email, (server and client), and they forwarded it to "someone who knows".

I recreated a Calendar event and sent it to my personal Hotmail account and it comes in as one email, and when I accept it, my GroupWise account gets multiple emails for each event. In the test I had it reoccur for 12 weeks and when I accepted it and replied to my GroupWise account, it came in as 12 accepted emails, one for each week.

Has anyone seen this and is there a solution to prevent this from happening?