I have a calendar appointment issue I wanted to ask about.
We have a Coexisting GroupWise and Office 365 environment.
If from GroupWise I send a reoccurring appointment, when the GroupWise account gets it and then forwards it to an Office 365 account, that Office 365 account gets an individual appointment request for each reoccurring item.
On an account in GroupWise, I sent a re-occurring appointment to another GroupWise account for July 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 at 1pm daily. The GroupWise account has a Rule to forward to the Office 365 account.
On the Office 365 account I get 5 individual appointment requests.
I accepted all of them. They do not appear on my Calendar in office 365, except for the last day of the reoccurring appointment of the 12th.
If I go into the recipient GroupWise account, all the appointments are there correctly. (They should be mirrored)

Seems to be the way GroupWise rule is Forwarding the reoccurring appointments or how Office 365 is interpreting the GroupWise reoccurring batch of appointments.

Has anyone ever seen this, and if so know a fix?