- Added support of .NET 4.5 Framework
- Added support of latest MS online modules
- Added two new user types support – UserMailbox and MailUser
- Added native Powershell support – Capable of executing PS commands by
the driver
- Added support of most of Azur and Exchange Schema attributes
- Office 365 shim needs native PS interface. Bug 800676
- Office 365 - Need support for hybrid mode. Bug 885228
- Office365 Questions - "TypeInitializationException. Bug 904908
- Ehn: Full Schema Mapping to Azur. Bug 906780
- Ehn: multivalue attributes should be handled correctly. Bug 906782
- Office 365 query for user license returns zero results. Bug 913326
- Driver fails to set the ManagedBy attribute when a group is created.
Bug 922379
- No way to set a groups Alias, Display Name and Email Address when
creating a group of Group Type =
MailEnabledSecurity. Bug 922381
- Adding a user to group fails if user has an apostrophe in the UPN. Bug
- Office 365 requires publisher channel to be active. Bug 926456
- Office 365 Invalid Sync Attribute:LicenseAssignment. Bug 926459
- Apostrophes in the Department field are not handled properly, Bug 926460
- Office 365 issue with spaces in group alias names. Bug 926465
- Primary SMTP Address overwritten on Modify of Email Address attribute.
Bug 928091
- Resetting of UserPrincipalName does not correctly escape Apostrophe.
Bug 928672
- Office 365 driver filter change causes driver anomaly. Bug 930774
- Investigate driver allowing sub events when rebuilding the cache files.
Bug 930921
- Remove-all of EmailAddresses fails to remove all the Email ids. Bug
- Add EmailAddresses to O365 Driver filter. Bug 934019
- Office 365 should not have errors/warnings during normal operations.
Bug 934778

Personally, I'm most interested in that native Powershell support. It's
similar to the way the current MAD driver allows you to execute arbitrary
Powershell commands via the "PSExecute" pseudo attribute. Looks like the
docs have been updated, too.

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