Hello everyone,

I am working with a customer that is using several IBM i systems, and
they have asked us to integrate them with the Sentinel system we
recently deployed.

This is a first for us, and we are struggling a bit with the NetIQ
documentation regarding*the NSSi agent at

The documentation mentions "Install iSeries Agent NSSi 8.1 on IBM i
Server", but it is hard to determine which part of NSS is the actual
agent. The documentation further refers to the NSSi installation guide,
which mentions a large number of components, none of which is called
"Agent" or similar.

Specifically, the questions we have are:
1. *Exactly* which NSSi components need to be deployed on the i server
2. In order to receive events, do we need to set up NetIQ Security
Manager, or Agent Manager, or both?

It would be great if anyone could clarify things a bit.