1 ZCM Primary server, 8 Satellite servers
ZCM version 11.2.1, Running on SLES 11 sp1

Currently working with a customer that wishes to move their user source from eDir to AD. To do this, I first need to get the system to 11.3.2 because there is a bug in 11.2 that causes the realm setting to not work properly on a workstation when trying to change the realm. However, the server is running on SLES 11.1, not supported by 11.3. So this then went to the SLES 11 update to bring them to SLES 11.2, and it was planned to go right up to SLES 11.3 since we were doing the update work anyway.

When the server was built, only a 70MB /boot partition was made and the SLES 11.2 update bombed out because of the insufficient space to install the new boot files. Extending the /boot partition would be another challenge it's self since I would first have to move the other partitions to make room at the end of the /boot partition to extend it and keep the partitions continuous. Not something I am very comfortable doing, so I would like to go a different route than hacking up the current system to get us to the place we need to be.

My current plan is to build a second Primary server and add it to the Realm. I would make it the same ZCM version as the current primary server, and transfer the CA role & DB over to this new server and retire the other server from the realm. The customer has asked if I can make this replacement ZCM server a Windows server instead of a Linux server.

I am not sure though if the transfer process would work going from Linux to Windows. Would this even be possible with ZCM 11.2? I feel like I need to have the source and destination at the same level for the transfer, I would then upgrade the destination once the transfer is completed. Does that matter?

Are there any thoughts on a better path I should take on this?

thank you