Last weekend I chose to install all the service patches and Windows updates to all the vms running on a kvm based server (Sles11 Sp3), This server has been running with the relevant kvm's for over a year with no problems. After the closedown of the vm's and a server reboot, I now find that I am now having problems logging into 3 OES server vm under gnome. I have 2 windows based vm's on the same kvm server (2012 sp2 and XP) which are responding normally, together with a Suse Enterprise server 11 sp3 which is again working normally. There are 3 OES server on this system (Novell OES 11.2 Patch level 2 running on SLES 11 sp3) and these are where the problems are occurring. It is possible to login the first time the server is started under Gnome, but it can take up to 5 minutes, and the gnome desktop works very slowly. It may be possible to log out properly, or the screen may hang at any point and never get back to the login screen again. If you go to the terminal input (Cnrt-F1) login is still possible, and the machine can be restarted from here. All the functions still appear to work (Groupwise 14, reload, and normal file server activities), but using gnome now is a no go.

This problem only affect the OES servers on the system, so I do not think that KVM has any role in the problem. All the servers are in the same tree and in the same ou. There are no other servers present in the tree.

Anyone got any ideas which can help on this matter. As I said before, this installation has worked with no problems for over a year, and has just started since I did the software upgrades. All the servers were either upgraded or the windows ones patched to the latest releases.