Hello folks

I updated my ZCM server this past weekend to ZCM 11.3.2.. Just noticed there is a update to 11.3.2 called 11.3.2FRU1 dated 04/14/15.. My question is:
1) Should I import this FRU1 file into the system before all the managed devices have their agent updated to 11.3.2 version ?? ( im working on getting all the managed windows computers updated to the 11.3.2 client but that may take a while)

2) If/when I import this FRU1 update into the system, will it make my 11.3.2 update disappear or will they both show as available updates ??..(obviously I need the current 11.3.2 update to be available to be able to update managed clients to 11.3.2 before I apply the FRU1 update to them.. (I am assuming this will be a 2 step process).

Thanks for any guidance you can give me in advance