I need to come up with a process that ultimately allows my system to receive an XML file at a Windows server, does some data manipulations and then writes the file in a certain way to my NSS file server. To make this easier and reduce transfer steps I was wondering if it is possible for a folder to be both NSS and NFS and maintain the NSS folder rights.

Here is what the process entails...

1. XML file gets received on a Windows server in the DMZ.
2. Task on Windows server reads XML file and renames the file(s) as requested by the workgroup.
3. Files are then transferred to internal Linux FTP server.
4. Files are then transferred from FTP server to file system and database on internal network.

I am only responsible for the file copies to and from step 3 and was wondering if I can have my FTP server use NFS and mount the ultimate destination folder in my NSS file system to remove the second FTP step to move the files to the NSS volume. Would this work or what other options could I look at for transferring these files between systems?

I'm hoping to do this without having to purchase any new products, as I understand that Platespin does something similar to this. We also have Storage Manager deployed in our environment so might be able to utilize this in a manner to fit our needs.