I have SOAP driver in which SPML 1.0 is being used.
In the matching policy, when there is an event for search the user in
the end system,the search response returns multiple matching if the
searched id is the sub-string of some existing id in the end system.
For example: If the search request is for user with id 'Z6AR' and in the
end system there is a user with id 'Z6ARG' already present then
the search response will return the 'Match Found'.
It is searching for the sub-string but I want the exact match search so
that in above example, the search response will be 'No Match Found'.
I tried the same with the SOAPUI and the response is same, it is also
searching for sub-string.

The SPML SearchRequest is

<spml:searchRequest class-name="urn:abc:names:tc:SPML:ABCUser"
<dsml:equalityMatch name="uid">

Please help.

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